Zipping across Albay Gulf

Docking in at Albay Gulf harbor in Legazpi City after a project visit in Rapu-Rapu Island, my companion, actually my replacement, at an international NGO, squealed at me and I immediately followed to where she was gesturing at. A zip line.  Funny, we didn’t notice it that morning when we left for the Island.

We got out of our boat and watched pairs zip down from the lighthouse across the waters of the Gulf. All that with the majestic Mount Mayon as backdrop. Our desire to give it a try grew the longer we looked. Before we were conscious of our feet walking us to the building, we had already bought our way in to try.

It was our first time on a zip line, and from that height too. But what the heck we were already putting on the gears while listening to the guides tell us that they’re from nearby five-star Misibis Bay Resort. Turns out, the Resort owns the line – yes, it has a name, Emabarcadero de Legazpi Zipline – which opened just last year. We even got to meet one guide who’s from Baguio City! and he’s from my village as well! 

We zipped across the Gulf twice, would you believe? On the first, my legs froze at the take-off area. I couldn’t swim, you see, and what if I’m that one in a billion unlucky adventurer whose line broke and I fell into the sea near a waiting starving shark? The thought of it actually happening gave me no rest. Failing to let go after three sets of countdowns, the guides decided that one of them go with me. Was that fine by me? Hell, yes.

The rush from zipping down the line expended the nervous energy curled up inside me and it’s soon replaced with joy and exhilaration. The whole thing went so fast I didn’t have time to think about anything, fears whatsoever. But I was half conscious of the body pressing against my back. I couldn’t stop laughing when we landed. What was it I feared? I told the guide that I’d do a second try, by myself this time. He clapped my back. 

My companion made two tries as well and both time by herself. She’s so brave!

zipline launchpad from Embarcadero de Legazpi lighthouse
launchpad from Embarcadero de Legazpi lighthouse
zipping down embarcadero de legazpi lighthouse
Zipping down Embarcadero lighthouse
landing station, embarcadero de legazpi zipline
Landing station on Albay Gulf

To celebrate our first (and unplanned!) zipline adventure, we treated ourselves at the cafe one floor below the launchpad. Warmed further by our hot coffee drinks, pili nut capuccino mine,  we re-lived our experience as we watched from our corner bodies whizzing by on the zipline toward calm waters of the Gulf below.


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