At home exercise

I'm not allowed to go out alone before 7 AM and should be already home by 7 PM. So dawn runs are out (a friend said I should instead jog in place inside my room which made me laugh). My lack of exercise has me worried. But yes thank goodness for Youtube. I'm doing this... Continue Reading →


My Yoga Journal: misperceptions

In my excitement over this new undertaking, I gushed about it to a handful of acquaintances.  Their reaction was, "you mean the Brahma Kumaris?"  Was that an accusation? Why would they connect the one with the other?  Can't they just tell me, "hey that's great! Congratulations!" Bothered, I made time to think about the question. ... Continue Reading →

“Mind medicine”

But the mind is indeed very difficult to control, but everything is made possible with right practice. We must therefore first and foremost practice, practice, practice... Then eventually we will be able to break the fixed patterns of the mind and taste the greater underlying support of it all. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois quoted in... Continue Reading →

My Yoga Journal: Day 1 Ashtanga Yoga

I finally showed up for that afternoon yoga class two weeks after having inquired about it and shopped for yoga wear.  I was an hour early and right after I checked in, I got into the shower resisting against wanting to just stay under the hot spray.  Just as I was done and out the... Continue Reading →

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