Anlene coffee: new drink in town

I'm neither endorsing the brand nor the product it's just that it's wonderful that Anlene came out with it's own coffee concoction. Isn't that coffee's what follows milk and chocolate? The new drink doesn't come cheap though at PHP17 a sachet so in terms price it doesn't compete with the much cheaper instant mixes of... Continue Reading →


Going peanuts

I've started to eat nuts again.  In the field office several years ago, colleagues used to eat PHP10 worth (10 grams) of salted native peanuts daily and when the field manager bought free snacks for all, it was often nuts.  I wasn't into the food.  The chewing didn't appeal to me.  In short, I was... Continue Reading →

Large-scale shiitake mushroom cultivation

Sustainable agriculture was among the programs supported by my former employer.  At field office there was a time when the trending topic was mushroom cultivation which was to be an alternative source of protein for undernourished children. Some among us took personal interest in the technology and eventually ventured into cultivation either as a hobby... Continue Reading →

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