For my daily fruit, I switch between bananas and avocados. Avocados are really cheap here (my fave words nowadays!) at 40 pesos per kilo (that’s about 4-5 medium sized ones). Fruits on the side make me less anxious about taking too much coffee.

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Spice up that pineapple

The pineapple was nowhere among the fruits I like. But when I saw on Cosmopolitan that chili powder which I love to put on almost everything I eat can be used to spice up the fruit, I immediately bought a can of (imported, as the pale sour yellows of a local brand are what have put me off the fruit actually- how come local shelves are stocked with second class produce while the best are sent out?) and did exactly what’s written on the mag. The pairing really is gorgeously sweet and smoky! I’ve since broken my fast of the fruit.

Spicy pineapple