Anlene coffee: new drink in town

I'm neither endorsing the brand nor the product it's just that it's wonderful that Anlene came out with it's own coffee concoction. Isn't that coffee's what follows milk and chocolate? The new drink doesn't come cheap though at PHP17 a sachet so in terms price it doesn't compete with the much cheaper instant mixes of... Continue Reading →


Made in Basilan

It's not all fighting in this island. I learned that the Moro, though not so the younger generation, love coffee which Bisaya people here find strange as they're not coffee drinkers. Or, should I say coffee is a staple for these natives- not the instant kind but the real brew. A typical family stores the... Continue Reading →

Food finds: Coffee House Sessions

That afternoon was the first this year when the City's temperature dipped to bone-chilling cold. It had been a long day at the office and we were restless from hunger. A colleague joked another that he owed us coffee. He was hired in December and office practice is that new staff would take the rest out... Continue Reading →

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