Pinoy boats, sailors, the sea

Without these quaint indigenous water transportation, the average traveller within the Philippines won’t be able to go from island to island.  In varied sizes and colors, the smaller ones feature the use of bamboo, as oars, roofing.  Amazingly, they’re safe to ride in, the plastic tie binding parts of the boat unbelievably sturdy.  Sailors are quite young but incredibly have the wisdom of the sea.  They are the practitioners who learned the trade from apprenticeship.  As all sailors, they maintain silence throughout the trip, keeping watch, listening to the slightest variation of wind and weather, ever alert.

As for the sea, I’ve finally made peace with its undulations and movement which I now understand to be like the rise and fall of a human being’s chest when breathing.  The movement is because it is alive and “breathing”.  When its movement turns ferocious, as when weather is bad, I now understand it as like the quickened beating of the human heart when distressed or scared.


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