So, vatic it is


In the mood for metallica

Most mornings now I wake up to various music genres blaring all at once from neighbors' players. There's country, praise, pop (nothing but Ed Sheeran on replay), local (Ilocano), instrumental, and just this weekend, Christmas songs! I think I'll join in the fun, throw into the mix what father calls my "trash" music - like,... Continue Reading →

My almost kris

What shall I write about today, Independence Day? Should be something native. Filipino. Last year, going into Moro country, I knew what I wanted to bring back home as souvenir (and gifts for a couple of friends) from this cultural place. The kris. It was one of the first things I asked about from the... Continue Reading →

(Monday) Morning Poem

Every morning the world is created, Under the orange sticks of the sun the heaped ashes of the night turn into leaves again and fasten themselves to the high branches--- and the ponds appear like black cloth on which are painted islands of summer lilies. If it is your nature to be happy you will... Continue Reading →

Friday Funny: perilous, treacherous, hazardous

The Department of Labor via it's Department Order 178-17 has banned mandatory use of high heels in the workplace. On the other hand, would heels worth USD100 and above (including branded pre-loved vintage) provide their wearers more comfort and safety than ones that cost much less? Is workplace safety more of an economics than a rights... Continue Reading →

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