What’s in store for 2016?

What’s in store for the world in the new year?  Will there be peace at last?  Or, will conflicts from previous years escalate further?  The scientific mind would say the outcome is predicted on our choices, made individually and collectively.  In short, it’ll be a long journey ahead.  It’s why we love predictions and horoscopes.  They provide us ready access into the obscure and unknown.

Water regenerates.  Metal as explained in Chinese astrology protects or holds water.  But the word ‘social instability’ is worrisome- could there be worse concerns than ISIS, ISIL, and diasporas?  ‘Drastic fluctuations’, what’s that? Another financial crisis? But then again it’s really about learning from lessons in history and subsequently the choices we – nations – make.

Now, what’s for me?

OK.  Apparently calm is my word for the year.  That would be like telling me, don’t breathe.  Cautious because the monkey and tiger are opposites.  Good luck to me then.