Trave-ails: my week of commute in the province

Day 1 7:00 AM Already by the highway waiting for a ride. That means bus. My first day of non-comissioned work so I'm kinda anxious to show up early. 7:15 AM My first sighting of a Manila-bound bus. It stops a few meters from where I am  and I quickly walk toward it. A passenger... Continue Reading →


My almost kris

What shall I write about today, Independence Day? Should be something native. Filipino. Last year, going into Moro country, I knew what I wanted to bring back home as souvenir (and gifts for a couple of friends) from this cultural place. The kris. It was one of the first things I asked about from the... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Temple Run-ins

I miss village-based work. To a researcher-evaluator whose work time is largely spent in abstract space and strategic-level collaborations with client-organizations, encounters with village folks and community life are like much-needed spring or summer vacations of novel experiences and lessons in "real life". It's been a year since my last fieldwork. Last year, around this... Continue Reading →

In Mindanao, I didn't have time to learn snorkelling or diving. The place, gear, and people to teach me were there available at anytime. It was just me, or time. Or, could I use busyness at work as justification? This time, though, having recently realized that, my god, why haven't I seen it before, I'm... Continue Reading →

A City girl goes to market

Italians prefer to buy fresh food each day and avoid stockpiling groceries in cans and bottles. Housewives plan their day around shopping for fresh food. - Playing for Pizza, John Grisham We're not Italians but the culture around going to the market is similar here for the average family in the countryside. It's why fast... Continue Reading →

Tublay on our mind

Now, when I think of Tublay I think about coffee, organic food, and loom weaving. On a recent listening tour to the municipality of Tublay (14 kilometers from Baguio City) in Benguet Province, our team got to visit a weavers association. The first thing we noticed and got excited about was the array of woven... Continue Reading →

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