Reading is my religion too

I was in bed one Sunday morning when my aunt showed up on my  front door. She came to get me to attend church service at ten. She came fifteen to ten. "You still sleeping?," she said through the windows on the veranda. I winced wondering if my neighbors heard that. Folks in the province,... Continue Reading →


Sunday musing: ‘The Gospel Comes With a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post Christian World’

You advocate a kind of hospitality that steers clear of teacups and doilies. How does radically ordinary hospitality differ from what most people think of as “Southern hospitality?” First of all, it is not entertainment. Hospitality is about meeting the stranger and welcoming that stranger to become a neighbor—and then knowing that neighbor well enough... Continue Reading →

On the proposed divorce law

What I'm waiting for the most, perhaps even wishing it in my subconscious, is the law on divorce. Divorce, in this country, and maybe in some others as well that remain closed even to the idea, has long been misunderstood as a Pandora's box. Open it and all sorts of she-evils will fly out and... Continue Reading →

The real horror story

I think the reason why Halloween, at least it's commercialized version, is not a somber affair (isn't it, reminiscing your dead especially when they went out like Horacio Castillo III?) is because of what comes afterward the much anticipated Christmas time. Businesses would not want to spoil the momentum of the holiday spirit which in the Philippines... Continue Reading →

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