In Mindanao, I didn't have time to learn snorkelling or diving. The place, gear, and people to teach me were there available at anytime. It was just me, or time. Or, could I use busyness at work as justification? This time, though, having recently realized that, my god, why haven't I seen it before, I'm... Continue Reading →


Like the good in life

Saw a shooting star today. The kids and I were outside, relishing the cool air, at around 5 AM. We were looking at the heavens and had just located the Big Dipper (Maui's Hook, the kids call it, from the movie Moana) when a meteor streaked across the sky. Like the good things in life,... Continue Reading →

These shores

I was on my last leg of community research, down to just two villages. We had begun the countdown earlier as a fun way to keep track of our increasingly blurred days as well as to keep our energy levels up. On this day after having set up a makeshift meeting place - at the... Continue Reading →

Flowers are cheap here as well. With 100 pesos, I could get a wonderful combination of temperate flowers including roses. They're my "live" home companions like...when I want to bounce ideas off "somebody". Ha ha!

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