More on garden planning and fabric shopping

In our new place, home owners in our neighborhood take their front yards seriously. I've seen profusions of white, fuschia, and orange bougainvilleas, succulents, shrubs, peace lilies, and a variety of potted plants on front yards. Every morning, people are at their yards with their walis tingting and other cleaning paraphernalia. By 8 AM, yards... Continue Reading →


Design inspiration: cargo wardrobe

Cargo containers have been re-purposed into offices and houses so why not a wardrobe such as this one? I'm thinking it's perfect for a loft setting.

A second look at furniture

A research manager from the UK and I were having a late lunch of bibimbap at a Korean restaurant on busy Tomas Morato that we espied after a few rounds of circling the area for dining places. Two other tables were occupied- one by an all-female group who appeared to be society matrons and were obviously celebrating an occasion, and... Continue Reading →

Hotels: Pines View

Pines View Hotel's lounge area on the third floor landing offers an 180-degree unobstructed view of the City's CBD. The view is rendered more dramatic at night.   Each floor features displays of natives' traditional apparel and tools, this one the upper garment used by women in Bontoc, Mountain Province.

Hotels: Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge at Leonard Wood Road has been upgraded and some more enhancements are on the works. It needs to. The neighborhood is seeing a boom in lodging and dining infrastructures. Still, the Lodge remains a unique watering hole, a museum if you like. If you fancy old world gaming dining and lodging experience, this is the place... Continue Reading →

Hotels: Hotel Elizabeth

Never mind this year's Christmas tree - is it really PHP3M? - at the head of Session Road.  In the City's hotels are trees more beautiful and creatively less costly.  Like this one at Hotel Elizabeth, made of individual cartolina roses.

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