Food Friday: divorced never tasted this good!


Food Friday: chef encounters

Consecutive dinners now, thanks to my work schedule, it's been either dine out or take out. The highway restos that sprung up nearby just as we were moving in to our new place are a godsend. Imagine arriving home from work at 8 or 9 PM everyday and still be the one to cook dinner. I'm... Continue Reading →

Food Friday: goin’ bananas

I could eat bananas, my favorite fruit, all day, no pun intended. In one of my posts here I wrote that bananas are an excellent source of naturally occuring minerals such as magnesium and calcium and helps prevent muscle cramps that people with hyperthyroidism suffer regularly from (the signal that my stress level's up and calcium's dangerously low... Continue Reading →

It’s beer o’clock somewhere

It was a belated lunch or was it early dinner rather? But there I was with my pork chop meal and he with his big bowl of yummy looking tokwa't baboy. He's my kumpare, one of my few friends who's remained steadfast, thoughtful, and brave not afraid or embarassed to be seen out with me. We bumped... Continue Reading →

A City girl goes to market

Italians prefer to buy fresh food each day and avoid stockpiling groceries in cans and bottles. Housewives plan their day around shopping for fresh food. - Playing for Pizza, John Grisham We're not Italians but the culture around going to the market is similar here for the average family in the countryside. It's why fast... Continue Reading →

Anlene coffee: new drink in town

I'm neither endorsing the brand nor the product it's just that it's wonderful that Anlene came out with it's own coffee concoction. Isn't that coffee's what follows milk and chocolate? The new drink doesn't come cheap though at PHP17 a sachet so in terms price it doesn't compete with the much cheaper instant mixes of... Continue Reading →

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