Flowers are cheap here as well. With 100 pesos, I could get a wonderful combination of temperate flowers including roses. They’re my “live” home companions like…when I want to bounce ideas off “somebody”. Ha ha!



Monday drinking habit

Tea moment
Lately, because of limited and in some instances no access to freshly brewed coffee I’ve been drinking instant coffee mixes more than what I normally have. Being a bit of a hypochondriac this has gotten me worried. But, well, there’s tea the healthier alternative which explains my tea drinking whenever there’s no fresh brew around. I prefer chamomile for it’s mild quality and calming effect– total opposite to the effects of my go-to cup of brew I’m conditioned to! I noticed I could live with tea. I think I will make tea my Monday habit at the least. Just to start off the week mildly and calmly.

Spring in the City

It’s flower festival – Panagbenga – month again. With it is the anticipated closure of Session Road to accommodate the usual stalls– what different food is on sale this year?  Accordingly, the theme is Across 20 Years of Blossoming Together. If I’m to interpret ‘blossoming together’ it would mean harmony of people + nature / human habitat + natural habitat– is this evident in the City? Also, this year’s celebration will involve the other municipalities within BLISTT. It has taken some time to do this but then never is far worse.

4 PM light

I love Baguio City even more when the weather’s stable, that is, sky’s clear blue the entire day. On such days, at around four in the afternoon, the sun casts it’s magical warm light.  This happens rarely so when it does… time to capture the moment! image

Chasing the first rays of sun

What I like most in development work is frequent air travel but only up to a certain point as I learned that weekly air travel can ravage the body.

On domestic routes, my preferred time of departure is dawn.  It’s the best time to fly, I discovered. It’s a relatively quiet time, inside the terminal, the plane, and nature outside is just waking up.     image

I was bound for Tacloban in this flight for a post-Yolanda project. The crew paged us that the plane was slowly taxiing on the tarmac for our benefit, for us to look at nature’s unfolding beauty outside. Somebody nearby harrumphed, muttering that it was just a ploy to distract us from the terrible air traffic that early. Regardless, I absorbed the sight knowing that at my destination I was going to face it’s opposite.