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Art therapy


Effects of stress could be channeled away from the body to create works of beauty instead, so why not? Coloring books are an old hobby from childhood, but have been recently marketed worldwide for adults as well. My favorite theme is travel and I prefer oil pastels. I love seeing the places come to life at my fingertips. The world would’ve gone bust and I wouldn’t know it.

Have an indie break

cinematheque at Casa Vallejo is where one can get a fill of short and indie films produced here and abroad. I used to just have a quick sandwich at noon break to be able to sneak in 45 minutes or so to watch the featured film. Considering the production and artistic talent put into these films, the fee at the entrance is very minimal but how come most would shell out thrice the amount for, say, fighting-over-silly-nothings movies? I think the reason this type of films are not as popular is that there’s critical thinking asked for. The viewer has to really get into the story to understand the film, which can get doubly challenging with foreign films because there’s the subtitles to deal with at the same time. But all in all it’s about the art– the various ways of presenting a story or of the artist’ interpretation of reality. Particularly of indie films, a critical and at times harsh telling painful to confront on the big screen.

Granted that, still the local artist community – for one, Kidlat Tahimik is still alive and right here too – should be recognized and widely promoted by the City. In fact, in connecting local indie film-making to tourism (not just for the City but the entire region as well), such a promotion, celebration, and competition of talent could turn out as successfully and famously as, say, the annual Cannes Film Festival. That’s locally meaningful, which can be integrated into the Panagbenga Festival which has become just a foodgasmic-cum-sports-festival of sorts concentrated within just the CBD (flowers have taken second place, a one-time parade of; at downtown and in villages it’s as barren of real blooms as usual).

Today’s the last screening of Tigbao.

PCDSPO Colorized History Project

The Philippine Government’s Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) has an ongoing Colorized History Project in which archived historical photographs in black and white are digitally rendered in vibrant color, like the one below. Jose Rizal and company in the rendered version look even more…dapper.

Filipino leading propagandists: Dr. Jose P. Rizal, La Solidaridad publisher Marcelo H. del Pilar, and Mariano Ponce.