About thecolorofred

This is what I tell friends when they ask what I do now:  researcher.  So far no one’s tried to follow it up with questions like, ‘what’s that?’ or ‘what do you research about?’, only ‘wow, that’s great!  keep it up!’ and because I usually don’t explain myself I leave it at that.

One of my fave feel-good movies is Julie & Julia.  As the story goes, Julie leaves her job and stays home to work on a cooking project and blogs about the whole experiment.  As we know, the project turned out successfully, more so when she made it into a book.  I don’t want to torment myself with anxiety from setting ‘smashing blog’ as a goal, because would I even achieve Julie’s accomplishment by half?  But like her, I do want to keep active with projects I really care about and share these out here (in case there is interest) as well as work on my writing as one could easily get lazy and stop writing altogether.  Others keep themselves sane by cooking up gastronomic feats, I keep sane by writing my head off.

And because I’m a typical Aquarian, I naturally have plenty of interests, to explain the range of topics I have here.  I hope readers find them as the nice sort of clutter, like the comforting clutter of our homes.

Happy reading then!

After thought:  I have another blog, reflectionsindevelopment.wordpress.com, writings on development and evaluation (and sometimes politics).  I’ll be moving some of the articles from thecolorofred to there, in case you’re wondering where they’ve gone to.


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