Women rock at today’s PMA graduation

Philippine Military Academy graduation today and what’s unique this year is it’s “ruled” by females. The valedictorian is a woman. Eight of the top ten graduates are women. There were 63 women graduating cadets in all, the biggest since the Academy accepted the first women cadets ten years ago.

Each has their own journey story to the Academy, like this ex-housemaid who eventually found out that her career is really in the military. A dramatic transition. Wow!


On Arirang cable channel recently, it featured a young South Korean woman who voluntarily joined the government’s mandatory military training. Her father, a military man, challenges her to not just be a soldier who is a woman but a woman who is a soldier. I was struck by that statement which I recalled again today. The next step I guess for these inspiring women cadet graduates is figuring out how to be successful at both. All the best to them!


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