The circle of life

circle of life and todo list

It’s been a helluva week. I’ve procrastinated so long with organizing and securing necessary documentation that I now can’t put it off any longer. I thought I could live in an alternative world where humans do not need IDs to tell others that they are who they say they are. Why do we need to flash our IDs to justify the truth of our statement? Is the artificial ID more believable than human words- “I am who I am”? In this world, alas, it is. So, it’s earth calling me to get my ass down on the ground right now (or, make do with lost opportunities). Ha!

Running around town to get documents in order, on top of everything else, turned out to be quite what I dreaded. Government offices are scattered all over the place and the immense traffic from the week-long closure of Session Road for Panagbenga were such a headache, not just for me I imagined but the rest of the local population who were working, going to school, attending to business, in short, not on vacation. Nonetheless, processing time at the government offices was a breeze, just 15 minutes or so! That was such a stress buster and I told the people behind the counters and desks so, happily and with my all out smile. Really? they said, all shy smiles. Yes, really! You are all amazing! I replied. These are the simple things that make everybody ie. clients and service providers truly happy. I hope the practice has or will become a habit, institutionalized, and not last only until the next President.

A suggestion though- as I was going about these tasks I’m reminded of the studies I did with young people in the provinces and urban poor communities in which one of the main hindrances to their job hunting was their inability to pay for documentation processing and travel to and from the various government offices. When you’re looking for a job, you don’t just apply to one vacancy or organization, but rather, you do 10 or more applications at once. All these require money. Five hundred pesos is inadequate to pay for the whole gamut of clearances much less medical certification for some jobs. Jobless young people looking for jobs from poor families simply cannot shell out PHP500.00 which comes by to them like it was a million pesos. So my suggestion is, on top of the sponsored job fairs held at the Convention Center, why not also do a one-stop-shop of all government clearances eg. City Hall-related, PNP, NBI, Passporting, etc. in one place, now and then, or especially right after graduation month? It will be a strategic assistance especially for moving young people (still relying on allowance from parents or family) looking for work toward employment and economically productive lives.

I also connected again with my former sister-in-law, because of my medical. She read aloud one of the routinary questions, how does this person handle stress? She handles it very well, wrote my former sister-in-law aloud, emphasis on very. To both of us, that had double meaning. Also, I had a very full morning, no food intake since breakfast, and for the past days stressed with traffic (what causes stress from traffic is plain stupidity of, mostly, drivers) and anxious with beating deadlines, and when I finally went to her just before noon, my BP registered 140/80, a first for me. I read that 140/90 is the new normal, as orange is the new black and such. Handles stress very well indeed. I laughed out loud and muttered some joke which made my former sister-in law and her secretary laughed too. Maybe a little bit more laughter in our lives is what we need. And I guess for me, back to regular exercise, a reminder not to forego it even on vacation. In the past couple of months, I’ve been lounging around like a useless log (which has extended to the quality of my posts).


I told my former sister-in-law, a statement really, that our mother-in-law (my former) had a stroke during the yuletide holidays. I haven’t visited which has been one of the things nagging at me in the new year. Yes, she said, she’s recuperating well. I nodded and then, I’ll go visit her soon, I said. Where did that come from? She looked up and smiled. Oo, she said. I’ve uttered it so now I really had to go. If that will make my former in-laws happy, sure why not? And it’s not as if the bridges have been burned. My son lives with them.

Speaking of the son. He has gotten even taller. Twice when I was out with him, his guy friends blinked when he introduced me to them, “my mommy”. Ha! Plus he dated on Valentine’s! I’ve never (except when I was married)! I believe they have this school sweetheart thing going on. I teased him about it. I told him I’d like us three to eat out one time. I’ve also asked him further about it and I’m glad to know that his Dad has the same thoughts on the matter ie. studies first, of course, and only group dates. It’s true what’s been said about sons having a special bond with their mothers. I feel it- he’ll always be my little boy but that’s just me.

So where am I getting at here? Well, a bit of order helps make working very far from them a bit easier on the mind.

mom and children looking down at city


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