Postcards from around the Philippines: Camotes Island

Immigration is the buzz word these days. Well, migration is the word this season. Like birds, migration for survival is written in our system. Besides, going off to warmer climes is much cheaper overall than paying for home heating and all.

Santiago Beach, Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines
Santiago Beach

Two hours off mainland Cebu is a little known island- Camotes Group of Islands (or, just Camotes Island) of virgin forest, reforested mangroves, white sand, and pristine waters. It’s a quieter hideaway for those so inclined. One could go back to mainland Cebu, or take the boat ride to Ormoc (Leyte) on to Tacloban City. Whatever the return plan, your Camotes Island vacation will surely warm you the rest of the year.

Lake Danao Park Camotes Island Cebu Philippines
Lake Danao Park also called Lover’s Lake. There is a boat cruise, Sakanaw, that takes tourists around the place.
Snake Islet on Lake Danao, Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines
Snake Islet on Lake Danao

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