Fifty Shades of Grey Darker


Erotic not kinky, it’s the difference between using a feather and using a chicken.

– Terry Pratchett

Finally here is the second film installment of our favorite book, Fifty Shades of Grey Darker which contains most of the story’s BDSM scenes. Adapting that to film without turning the whole thing into porn mush must’ve been quite the challenge for the team behind the camera.

Even then news has it that hardly anybody’s “moved or aroused” and it was Lego Batman that took the lead on opening week in the US! Something’s really off when not even Kim Bassinger (beautiful and youthful still at 63) as Mrs. Robinson couldn’t lure more people into the theatres.

Maybe it’s the wait time. The first film was much anticipated, a hit in 2015, which raked in $560M from around the world. But then much has happened since. Greater and more shocking events than Grey and his red room games have shaken and rocked the world. Trump the real billionaire has usurped Grey the storybook billionaire. Coming into 2017, people are exhausted and like overworked stay-at-home wives simply can’t work up at the snap of a finger enough blood supply to that part of their anatomy (though Trump has nothing to do with global drop in libido whatsoever, this statement being fake). And Lego Batman, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy, had come in at the right time. Timing, is that what’s it called?

Nonetheless, I’ll include this second installment in my list to watch (for private viewing, that is, as I couldn’t imagine myself able to focus on the scenes with 100 others).


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