“Truth about motherhood”

So, it’s vive la Miss France! From my list, five out of twelve plus one went in with the judges’. Not bad for a first timer. As the local online universe reels from the ladies’ responses to the Q & A, but there’s no right or wrong answer, is there, for pageants, only alignment ie. utterance of that statement closest to what the judges wanted to hear, and rallies in the US against the immigration ban (if I had access to the President’s ears I’d have suggested ’embargo’ instead. People now are sensitive to the mere mention of ‘immigration’ and ‘migrants’ and now that ‘ban’ is added- it does portend the end of the human specie because cells in their natural state are constantly migrating, right? Recent controversies such as the ubiqutous burqa prohibition and governments turning away refugees who are already at their doorsteps – there ought to be a hotline at the UN which leaders of refugee groups could call ahead, please, is it a go or no-go for us in this or that country? Also, a holding area, UN in Geneva? NYC?,  that refugees could go and wait until UN has secured them safe and dignified entry and I’m not referring to red carpet coverage – have started this alarming us vs. them struggle the result really of the failure of institutions ie. rules, laws, procedures, codes. Perhaps it’s calling for a major review and rewriting where necessary?), let’s take refuge in the ordinary like…motherhood. I came across this video, of two young blogger-moms candidly sharing between them the truth or is it pains of motherhood.

Employers do not care for cry babies and leave takers. Colleagues want you to pay attention all the time. Friends do not want a friend who’s always “busy.” Family expect you to keep tradition “our mothers before us did” even if it’s not working for you. On top of all that, child care, timing your days around your kids’ schedules, assisting in their school projects (but how is it that in my time, believe it or not, we didn’t have to make a single project yet we turned out just fine), managing the household, and if there’s time left in the day, pursuit of your personal happiness a right the do-it-all mom with growing kids could hardly fulfill for herself anyway.

The public or barangay day care that’s supposed to free up mothers for work or productive activities is largely a flop. When you hear the day care worker teaching math to four or five year olds with this as example – 510,999.99 * 299 – go with your gut and quickly and immediately grab your kid out of the centre before they completely mess up her brain. So what if they call you names like the tiger mom? What employers don’t see or refuse to see is that their “cry babies” in the workplace are really tiger moms constantly hustling with legitimate domestic troubles oftentimes just minutes before showing up at work the image of an effortlessly-calm, collected, fragrant, and gorgeous as peach career woman.

Mothers especially are wired to project that they have their various lives under control. We have and continue to master the art of simplification by compartmentalization. You know, like a system of border control. You don’t let agents out of one compartment to climb into another. They might contaminate one another and so forth. This way you maintain control over one and all. When there’s something going on in one compartment you’re able to tell the problem at once and how to address it, because everything’s contained ie. no foreign objects introducing foreign problems that you don’t understand and haven’t a cure for. And if you must shut down one area this won’t affect the others as there are clear-cut rules for each. Ha! Does that even make sense?


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