What comes in threes?

Nearly 92 billion videos were watched over the course of 23 billion visits to the site by many millions of very horny visitors. That’s 64 million visitors per day, or 44,000 every minute.

These statistics from Pornhub are informative! And we thought everybody’s glued to Aleppo, Brexit, US Elections, Pokemon Go, and just generally, their fave TV soaps on Netflix!  I’m thinking porn is beginning to look like climate change. Plenty of deniers.

From Southeast Asia, Philippines is the lone wolf. It also holds the record for longest average time spent streaming porn videos:

The Philippines is holding onto its first place position here with an average visit length to Pornhub of 12:45, exactly the same as where they were at in 2015.

Wonderful! But did we not drop out of the 2015 TIMMS (and was it due to embarrasingly-consistent low scores from previous years)? When you look at porn viewing this way, Japan’s higher ranking (fifth) (as well as that of first world nations’) is justifiable. Work hard, play hard, no? What did Pinoys work hard at in the past two years?

For the second year in a row ‘ lesbian ’ was the number one search term worldwide. ‘Step mom’ was second (up 1 spot from last year) followed by ‘MILF’ up 2 places from 2015. ‘Lesbian scissoring’ jumped a couple dozen positions to make the top 20 this year. An all-new term that shot into our top search terms lists of 2016 is ‘Overwatch’, in reference to the popular video game released earlier this year. Well known for its fast action and overtly sexualized characters, the game quickly became the subject of hundreds of fantasy porn parodies and tribute videos. “It appears that the trend is moving more toward fantasy than reality. ‘Generic’ porn is being replaced with fantasy specific or scenario specific scenes. Is this as a result of boredom or curiosity? One thing is certain; the typical ‘in-out, in-out’ no longer satisfies the masses, who are clearly looking for something different” notes Dr Laurie Betito , sex therapist and author of The Sex Bible for People Over 50″.

Ho ho ho! moms sure haven’t lost their appeal. And lesbian? Were not gay men and transgenders at the forefront of gender issues last year? The data however give credence to the observation that what happens in front of the world isn’t necessarily the same as what goes on “in the shadows”. Let’s see this year.

porn watching 2016-shower beer-high heels dancing

Need a drink in order to make sense of the mind-boggling data? An equally interesting invention’s out there: shower beer. As in beer to be downed in the shower. It also doubles as conditioner! The drink reportedly flew off shelves in just one minute! Cue for hotels here to stock their guest rooms with these samplers now?

Revived by the shower, are you suddenly hot for dancing? In the Metro are dance classes on high heels ala Yanis Marshall but for women. Ditch zumba for a day and put on instead your snazziest highest pair.


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