Sleep less, live longer

Too much sleep is directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, so a study done by South Korean doctors says. But I don’t think that catching up on sleep is the same as oversleeping, is it?

I once slept from 1 AM to 3 PM, almost all of the day’s waking hours. I had arrived from a long travel and before that weeks of grueling work schedule. As soon as I laid on the sofa, I believed I passed out. Nothing entered my unconscious. I’m usually awakened by the kids’ voices. Or, the usual buzz of activities at home. When I woke up (to find the house empty of people), my first conscious thought was: shit, was that how it’s like dead?!?

It was a sleep that restored however. So I guess the link that the study refers to essentially has to do with prolonged inactivity of the body and brain because of sleep. Atrophied cells and muscles, increase the prevalence of inflammation-related biomarkers, thus promoting neural reactions that can result in diseases like Alzheimer’s.



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