Monday blues


Blue is my favorite color. Blue for calm. Blue to shield against Monday’s mania. And my first Monday serene thought: sandwiches. Not the mayo-or-butter-spread-haphazardly-on-bread kind. But thoughtfully-prepared ones. Making a sandwich is not cooking strictly-speaking but imagine the hundreds of spreads possible! That at least I know how to do. Also, <i>sandwich</i> reminds me of the mysterious case of the head of office from my past job, a foreigner, very tall and quite hefty, who lunched only on sandwiches while the rest of us with smaller frames – me – had to have two servings of rice yet I did not once see him pass out at mid-afternoon like we do. Once, he told us “ah Filipinos! Everytime I see you guys you’re always eating!” His wife is a Filipina so he meant that in a good way. Back to his lunch fare, I learned that apart from the sandwich (“foreigner size” mind you), his wife had also thoughtfully packed for him a lunchbox of beans. Oh. Mystery solved! Beans burn off slowly and so sustains longer. Beans then too for energy-sucking Mondays. Downtown, Hotel Veniz serves a platterful of the best country-style chili beans.


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