Post-holiday diet: go vegetarian

Basement of La Azotea Building, Session Road, Baguio City. Photos: various sources.

I love their house salad, pumpkin soup, mushroom sisig, and veggie squid rings. Oh, and the brewed coffee, refillable and served with a stick of cinnamon (this is the only cafe in town that does. Having this, you can do away with the sugar. Cinnamon also helps reduce spike in sugar level in between cups). The servings are heftier than most and you could see that each dish is thoughtfully prepared for you. Most of the time, it’s the owners who serve and you’d feel you’re their guest more than a customer. Plus, there’s wifi and surprisingly fast too though if you don’t care for it, the weekly paper’s on the table. It’s next door to a tattoo parlor and if you need convincing into getting one or just curious, you could sit by the window corner and watch.

I don’t think there are other dining places in the downtown area serving strictly-vegetarian fare (ie. vegetarian right down to the oil and such) which can be a headache when you’re with people on special diet, like when a former colleague who’s diabetic came to visit. Option was that I cook, or we dine out. I didn’t have the skills to do the first so I brought him here. 


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