weekend reading
2016 is such a leap year! Changes we don’t normally see or allow to happen in so short a time did happen. The speed is mind boggling! Work too. That’s the leap in the year! I’ve recently completed evaluation of 1,000+ shelters among other components of an aid project. Everytime I look up at ceilings, I find myself thinking about cleats, tie ups, nuts and bolts and such things. I need to unload these off my mind. So when free days present themselves, I earnestly spend them catching up on solitude. Away time is good. It recharges mind and body and helps put things in perspective. In these moments, I come back again and again to love as the sum of all laws. But love in practice undergoes transformation. Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite musicians who recently passed away, aptly describes this practical side of love in his iconic song Hallelujah: Love is not a victory march. It’s cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.

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