Filipino street food galore

Filipino street food at A.Venue Mall night market, Makati Ave., Makati City
Along vibrant Makati Avenue near Century Park Garden Hotel (and Trump Tower, construction ongoing) is A.Venue Mall’s night market (inside a large enclosed white tent-like structure on the mall’s former parking lot, unlike the night market in Baguio City that’s irresponsibly all over the public place even the smoke and garbage from cooking and eating) where Filipino street food galore are sold and cooked right there. When we first discovered the place, my friend bought two orders of lechon (roast pork) with rice which only cost PHP150. I was at the next stall waiting for my order of chicharon bulaklak and crablets at just PHP100 each. As with the lechon, the servings were large. The only disappointment was the sawsawan (sauce)– the vinegar tasted like water! Anyway, we gorged on our food our appetite heightened by the funky live band music. My friend suggested we have a beer each but I had to decline as I had work waiting back at my place. The following evening, I went alone and bought chicharon bulaklak again and bituka ng manok (chicken intestines). The seller at the chicharon bulaklak stall recognized me and added a bit here and there. I would’ve gone back to get the same food for the rest of my stay had not my sense of health got the better of me. But when I’m in the area again it’s definitely among my stops. The night market is a mainstay there and there are a few stalls selling clothes but I noticed hardly a customer dropped by them. It’s the food, drinks, and band music that people go to the place. 



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