Postcards from around the Philippines: Mt. Bulusan

Mount Bulusan
That Sunday afternoon was a bit cloudy. Still the heat was suffocating. We bought ice cream in town and returned to our resort to hang out in one of the huts by the pool. While members of my team sang their hearts out on the five-peso per song karaoke, I fixed my gaze on Mt. Bulusan which was hiding behind clouds since Day One of our arrival. Locals told us that after several years it had again spewed ash, on the day before we arrived. We heard about it too in the evening news. It was surreal hearing the news on TV considering we (at the resort) were practically at the foot of the volcano. To locals, the event apparently is a non-issue. As I watched the mountain range, cooling down with my third bowl of ice cream, the clouds cleared and to my astonishment there appeared Mt. Bulusan in all it’s majestic glory! I guess I kind of squealed without restraint because everybody on the poolside turned to look at it too.

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