Postcards from aound the Philippines: Biri Rock Formation

Rock formation, Biri.
Close up of a weathered giant rock formation in Biri. According to the two team members who were able to set foot on one of the islets, the experience was like seeing a Wonder of the World. They were astounded. Mesmerized. To explore the cave like intrusions in the rocks and details would take more than a day. Tourists set up camp for this. Also, the place had felt sacred. They walked around like they were worshipping the place. What was the ocean like on the other side? I had asked. Because from our place on the bridge, we saw surf waves slammed onto the low area of rocks between the islets. The impact sounded to us like distant thunder. My theory is, a tsunami like wave of such strength had “split” what was before one islet and totally damaged the middle part. In other words, that is the sort of waves formed in this part of the ocean.



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