Dampa food again

Last minute changes in my schedule resulted to me waiting three hours for a friend I was meeting for dinner. My friend suggested shopping at the nearby mall to kill time but I was too drained even for shopping. I said I’ll wait because anyway this was the dampa (open place where you let a stall cook fresh seafood of your choice) where wait staff didn’t mind as long as you actually eat at one point.

The wait provided me ample time to reply to emails, read up on work-related documents, and draft posts for here. The dampa’s open design allowed fresh air to circulate which is a rarity in the metro (it’s not as hot these days thanks to afternoon rains). The sound system blared out loud funky disco music which effectively kept sleepiness at bay (for which I apologized when the agency staff I was coordinating with called).

Thirty minutes before my friend’s arrival, I had our suki stall cook and grill half a kilogram each of halaan (clam) and pork. We washed the food down with sugarfree soda (although the best was cold beer as also suggested by my friend but I still had to do some work afterward). I felt renewed.

If one could call this healthy bingeing then this was it: fresh dampa food.

Clam soup

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