Latest on my fave TV shows

Gossip Girl cast via Grazia UK

The Upper East Siders have moved on but fans such as I (ha ha) love to have updates of them – of the cast – now and then. Who’s the fan that doesn’t know about Blake Lively’s marriage to Ryan Reynolds? Or, Leighton Meester to Adam Brody? Ed Westwick was the face of Penshoppe (it’s Gigi Hadid now) and visited the Philippines because of it. Kelly Rutherford (even during the series) openly campaigned for custody of both her children by her Italian ex but lost (a mother myself, I understand it’s the worst of all possible pains and I thought the actress very strong through it all). Grazia UK has more on the cast.

I’m actually a fan of these shows (and can’t for the life of me get what my friends see in Sex and The City although I’ll check out Divorce which maybe better).

My preference for the genre started with Paper Dolls in the early 80s in which I loved Terry Farrell. Her beauty does not conform to technical definitons but I thought she was the loveliest. Then Beverly Hills 90210, the original series.

In between these and before Gossip Girl, I was into legal flicks such as L.A. Law (because I loved the gorgeous lawyer pair of Michael Kuzak played by Harry Hamlin and Grace van Owen played by Susan Dey) which ran from the mid-80s to early 90s and Boston Legal (because of James Spader) which I credit to completely changing my view on the death penalty (which since then is a ‘no’).


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