Third world transportation Part 2

To follow up on my previous post about the Grab service in the City, here’s DOTC Department Order 2015-011 detailing among other things operational conditions applicable to in-demand transport services such as Uber and Grab, viz:

a) Driver must be accredited by the TNC;
b) Driver must hold a professional driver’s license;
c) Driver must be registered with the LTFRB;
d) Vehicle must be accredited by the TNC;
e) Vehicle must not be more than 3 years old from date of manufacture;
f) Maximum age limit of the vehicle is 7 years from date of of manufacture;
g) Vehicle must be equipped with proper tools and equipment;
h) Driver must always have an on-line enabled digital device during a pre-arranged ride;
i) Driver must only carry passengers who pre-arrange rides through TNC-provided online-enabled application and not through phone call or booking service;
j) Driver is prohibited from accepting street hails from potential passengers;
k) Driver is prohibited from accepting passengers in the airports, unless authorized by the airport management;
l) Driver must display during trips his Identification Card prescribed by LTFRB;
m) Passengers must be insured with the LTFRB accredited personal accident insurance providers; and
n) Operators and their drivers must comply with the rules and regulations issued by government agencies.

In bold are the conditions lacking in the City’s franchises (which I’ve anecdotally noted in the previous post).


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