Word of the Day


I assume this pose often but only when I’m by myself or with people I’m comfortable with. But still they’re bothered by it. It’s my silence maybe.

Companion: What are you thinking of?

Me: Nothing.

Companion: Nothing?

Me: Yes, nothing.

Companion raises a brow, shrugs, and returns to whatever s/he’s doing. I’m known in my circle as a thinker (which I don’t see myself as) so they find it hard to believe my mind’s empty of thoughts. But it’s true and it’s healthy not to think all the time. Normally when I do set aside time to think the activity takes up just a fraction of my brain time. What I do most of the time is boketto. Nothing is my instant holiday place where I park my mental faculties in several times in the day. Natural landscapes trigger this. But also dark, dramatic skies.

With groups and crowds though it’s something else. That’s when my brain takes on I think masculine form. My poker mask on, I gaze at each person within my line of vision and careful not to stare, imagine with the clinical methodology of a researcher working on her data how the person’s features contort when in the throng of ecstacy. Beautiful? Tolerable? Or, downright nah? I’ve actually already profiled colleagues who thought I was conjuring up big work ideas but really. I once told a friend about this to check if it’s also a guy thing and he couldn’t stop laughing.


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