“That’s entertainment”

French word: wait what?

Waiting, especially when you’re by yourself, can feel like eternity. In that stretch, I could catch up on sleep. In fact, plenty of fellow travellers did, on the lounge seats. But women traveling solo are disadvantaged in this aspect I fear. To remain alert or at least convey that I was, I flipped through the dailies’ front pages (routinary for me anyway) on my tablet, more for entertainment than information. You can never guess what the world’s up to.

  1. Reading makes you carsick because your brain thinks it’s being poisoned. OK, so this is the brain – hypothalamus – receiving mismatched sensory signals i.e. stationary you inside a fast moving object etc. which it finally interprets as “poison” triggering you to expel this “poison” by working you up until you’re nauseated or actually throw up.

  2. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Calls US Ambassador ‘Gay Son of a Whore’. I haven’t yet read or watched local media’s report on this incident and the President’s actual words but if he said it in Tagalog then it has to be oh, whoops! censured!

  3. “If you don’t want us to be corrupt, don’t corrupt us.” Spoken by Philippine Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade at a business forum, in which he afterward received thunderous applause. He asked business people to avoid bribing them in government in order that they in government won’t be corrupt. Whichever angle I look at the statement, I don’t get the logic.

  4. Honeymoon stage. This piece tells President Duterte’s “skirmishes” with women other than his former wife and current partner. Among them, newly-elected Senator De Lima who has been accusing the President of extrajudicial killings in his anti-drug campaign. Responding to the accusation, the President daw said, “the truth is pangit siya (she is ugly).”

  5. Chinese tourist who lost wallet in Germany ends up in refugee shelter. The guy intended to file a lost property report but handicapped by his inability to communicate in English he was mistakenly given an asylum application which he promptly accomplished. He inadvertently spent 12 days at the camp. He later said Europe wasn’t what he expected.

  6. Suspect killed those ‘unable to communicate‘. The incommunicados referred to here were disabled people. The man who attacked them inside the facility confessed that he went after “those unable to communicate their feelings”.

  7. Student dies after performing solo sex act in his room, inquest hears. The poor guy must’ve forgotten to breathe.


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