Amazing Race Asia

There are two Filipino pairs – beauty queens and a married couple – competing in this season’s Amazing Race Asia. In all,

11 teams of socially savvy, fearless racers from all over Asia will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience, traversing the globe and proving their mettle on a quest to be crowned the all-out champion.

Travelling to multiple countries in the shortest amount of time, each team will arrive at a new destination where they must compete in a series of physical amd mental  – and often emotional – challenges. Only when the tasks are completed will the teams learn of their next exotic location. Teams who fall the farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning The Amazing Race Asia and the USD$100,000 cash prize.

Philippine Inquirer

Amazing Race Asia Season 5To be in the Race is my dream. Early last year I left my 9 to 6 job. I didn’t have immediate plans after. I felt that long overdue break finally knocking. Such a  break was for something or anything different from the path I’ve lived. A path which has been for the most part others-oriented. I wasn’t complaining but I remember an article from somewhere in which the woman at one point asked herself, “all these hearts (that she’d been protecting and caring for)! What about mine?” I was at or nearing that life phase.

At the time, a few months before I left my job, the Race was on a new season and open for new teams. This is it! I said. I asked colleauges and some friends if they want to join.Seriously? they said. Yes! I replied, where else would we have an all-in-one opportunity to travel, meet interesting people, still use our minds, and compete to win? Well, there’s that one glitch- it’ll be on TV but in this case my sense of adventure outweighs any neurosis I have with being in the public eye.

I tried my best sales pitch on them with all the enthusiasm in me. I handed out print copies of the mechanics as well. They could see I was bordering on obsession.

My friends however were tied to their work as were my colleagues, unable to go on leave for more than a few days on end. They have as I did those sort of jobs. I had been convincing the wrong people. I needed to find someone who either could go on extended work leave or who owns his or her time and was able and enthusiastic as I was about joining the Race. I found nobody, at least from within my circle of prospects.

Instead I found myself in another kind of adventure (which has Des’ree’s Life playing in my mind each time I remember). Amazing could describe it.

But still.


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