Of places visited, to visit

Dubai beachfrontA friend was telling me about his week-long vacation in Dubai, all expenses paid by a young relative whose education his family had paid for. Now a well-off stockbroker in Dubai, the young man wants to pay back.

Did you visit the Jumeirah waterfront? I asked. In my urban management classes, development of the property has been cited as a prime example of master-planning. Conquering environmental constraints through design and technology. Yes, he replied and went on to describe the place. All I could utter back was, wow.

Did you try racing in the desert? I asked. Yes, he said and proceeded to tell me all about it. Being an F1 enthusiast, I was practically salivating. And envious.

Then he tells me that police over there patrol the streets in Lamborghinis. Wow. Here, it’s Ang Kawawang Cowboy to describe the general lack of police equipment and vehicles. Some countries have it all.

From his accounts, filthy rich is the word to sum up the Dubai lifestyle. But, what I’d like to experience if I’ll ever visit the place is the desert: road runs, horse races, safari trails. Fast and Furious dawn to dusk.

The sharing also got me thinking about travel, again. Cuba, Egypt, the Kalahari, rural France, and Russia – places with so much 0ld beauty and history – occupy the top of my list of places to visit. With my kids, when they’re a bit older, a return to Siem Reap to explore with them Angkor Wat (where medieval cities were recently discovered).


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