Papa Jack: another Pinoy pop culture icon

A homegrown name I believe among young people and followers of 90.7 Love Radio.

I first came to know of the segment in one of my night trips to the metropolis. It was obviously the bus personnel’s program of choice.

I’ve heard of the DJ mentioned here and there before and I was curious to know why he’s popular. I got off my playlist and tuned in.

The caller was a young woman who was undergoing a boyfriend problem. Following the exchange between her and Papa Jack I thought it bizarre that the young woman could laugh. Not the bitter and despairing sort, but the my-life-is-happy-so-what’s-your-problem kind of laugh.

Was the conversation scripted? because who’s the guy or girl in the midst of a raging heart break with strength left in them to cough out laughs like that? I wouldn’t even have the strength to pull myself out of bed!

Only after catching up with the program a few more times on my trips when I realized that’s why Papa Jack is such a hit. He really has talent- to make you suddenly forget your pain, laugh at yourself, and see sense. Not to mention that his voice is the kind that grows on you.

Of course, nobody should make fun of or laugh at another’s life story but… A positive way of looking at the program’s format is it tries to delve deeper into callers’ troubles by using humor – comical, loud, and acerbic Pinoy humor (listen to the President to have a feel) – to mirror back to callers, even if casually, their real problem. Missing that, laughter is always good for the spirit anyway.


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