Where would the world be without oysters?

I don’t know about the world but I can’t live without oysters. During a long trip, my former boss, alarmed at the silence and wanting to break the ice among his three passengers, asked about our favorite things one of which, food. Actually, he asked about food when we were already nearing our destination. My colleagues gave their replies. I didn’t. I was feeling queasy and dizzy having gone a few hours past dinner. The plan was to have it at the hotel.

The boss called my attention. My favorite food. I wanted to say, god, I’m so hungry right now all I could think of is gobbling you all up. But I recalled that my colleagues responded seriously. One of them said roast chicken. The other said, was it grilled fish?

Oysters, I said.

Laughter from the front- the boss and the colleague in the front seat. Despite the haze from my dizziness, I was aware that their minds were going, the woman’s talking aphrodisiac! I laughed, thinking, now that the two of you are thinking it- yes folks we are all at that age.

Or, maybe not everyone of us in there. I glanced at the young colleague beside me. Early in the trip he asked about my age. Guess, I said. He uttered a number. The two men in front laughed. The boss then said, she’s been roaming the world long before you’re born. She’s that old. The young colleague looked at me then, disoriented. Now in that oyster episode, he had a small smile on. He was either thinking, ew! Or, wtf are these crazy oldies going on about?

Then the boss addressed me, I would’ve thought you’d say roast chicken or something. He went on, so how do you like them? where do you get them? Oysters were mostly what we talked about the rest of the trip, well, after the boss told us about his favorite food, which surprisingly lifted my mind off my own blazing hunger.

Finally arriving at the destination, I dared jest, now that you’ve quizzed us about our favorite food we’re actually going to have them! The boss snorted. And surprised us with dinner buffet at his five-star hotel. I could’ve expired when I saw the seafood station. There were loads and loads of Pacific oysters! That night, I had nothing but. After my third plate of, my companions looked at me worriedly. I laughed. What? I said. I’m healthy.

plate of oysters

Aphrodisiac or not, I have to have them, now and then at least. Otherwise I’d go insane. My hometown, a mountain city, does not have it in daily or regular supply. Even at the mall which is sad.

So when I’m in Manila, I call up friends to go binge out around town. As my visit to friends in the metro does not happen often enough, they happily oblige.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s World Oceans Month by the way, it would indeed be very difficult for me, or perhaps impossible, to adapt to a life of never having oysters.


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