Food finds: Cache Bar & Resto

cache bar and restaurant

Colleagues and I came by Cache on Bokawkan Road, not really intending on a TGIF night out but since it was already past dinner time, our stomachs way past complaining, and the place was close to the venue where we needed to return later that night, we went right in.

A cozy place, just a few tables. There’s a couple of dartboards at the end of the room. If one’s feeling the need to…you know, throw things.

We sampled the Hawaiian Porkchop and Udon. Worked the karaoke. Well, my colleagues seeing that the first three songs are on the house. Gloried in live acoustic music. Watched a group of yuppies smoke the hookah. Oh, so that’s how. We had a couple of beers each. It’s a bar after all. Afterward, black coffee.

It’s the kind of place where one could have the standard bar offerings and still be able to listen to one another talk, talk, and talk which we did like people in need of catharsis.

A colleague Googled ‘cache’ on his mobile. From the list, we agreed that the Merriam-Webster one best provided the meaning of the word as we were experiencing it: a hiding place especially for concealing and preserving provisions or implements. 

We’ve cached in at Cache the implements that in our case were workplace wrinkles we carried coming in, which was a good way to cap a crazy work week.


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