Beauty finds: SM Makati

Headed to SM Makati to replenish my supply of Estee Lauder and whoa! stunned by it’s 2,500 square meter of beauty! Did I say I can see myself living in a library? Well, that, and this too!

Last I’ve been here, the mall (including Glorietta across the connecting bridge) was doing renovation of it’s stores. Done, the place now truly deserves the address. I wish Baguio’s undergoes a similar transformation. When that happens though traffic in the City will be tres terrible! Humans will swim oceans, climb the highest mountain, and all that just to get their hand on that elixir of youth. Me for example. Ha ha!

I also stashed up on my no-fail base and foundation from Tony Moly and lippies from Essence, Wet n Wild, Ofra, and Fashion 21 (black, which I couldn’t find anywhere else. I mix this color with other colors to produce intense new shades).

Having reached my budget limit for the day (economists and not-so-economists for you!), I wandered through the displays. Perfume– I can’t get enough of this so I went around the section and tried a few new fragrances noting which ones I’d probably get next.

I also went inside Kiehl’s which is across the Beauty store. Lip balms!

I went up the spankin’ new floors, visiting the shoe section first, of course! I bought a pair of dark purple ballet flats before here. I forgot the brand, but I loved how they flattered and fitted my feet, so much I wore the pair everyday until life went out of them.

Then, Kultura! I don’t go to SM Makati and MOA branches without stopping by this store. I think I’ve already posted here that it’s where I buy presents for friends.

This happy surprise of an excursion ended with what else, food! At Balay Ilocos, we tried the Ilocanos’ version of empanada (filling of vegetables and egg).

And we got acquainted with the guy sitting on the same table with us. He heard us talking in the dialect and chatted us up. He traces his roots to Ilocos and, what do you know, an alumni at Baguio Chinese School.

9:30 PM, we were at Krispy Kreme sipping coffee. The place was still abuzz. I miss this side of the metro life.


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