Food finds: Coffee House Sessions

coffee house sessions baguio cityThat afternoon was the first this year when the City’s temperature dipped to bone-chilling cold. It had been a long day at the office and we were restless from hunger. A colleague joked another that he owed us coffee. He was hired in December and office practice is that new staff would take the rest out to eat on his or her first pay. “Sure, let’s go!” he said.

As the cat was away, we hied to this coffee shop at the Caltex station on Legarda Road.

I said I’d try their brew with a shot of whisky. “Really?” asked colleagues. “You sure that’s good?”

I replied in the positive. I really did need something to warm me up. They ordered the same.

We had pancakes and kropek (cracklings) to go with our drinks. I read ‘fish and chips’ on the menu too late. Well, next time.

I and another colleague, also a coffee drinker, enjoyed our cupfuls. The two others did not. They didn’t like the taste of whiskey in their drink and their coffee was too black. I told them the whisky could be remedied by adding in cream which the barista should’ve done in the first place. We asked for fresh cream or milk. They didn’t have it so my colleagues made do with powdered creamer. That mixed in, they said their coffee tasted much better. I went back to enjoying my drink.

It took time for our food to arrive though. The pancakes were not as fluffy but we cleaned our plates nonetheless. Did I say we were hungry as wolves? Even kropek dipped in vinegar tasted divine with whisky and coffee. If we haven’t noticed the time – nearly 5 o’clock – we’d have ordered another platter. Next time. Perhaps then, rum instead of whiskey.

The place is open 24/7.


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