Food finds: Coffee Matters & Live Long Detox Bar & Organic Shop

Doing the errands twice monthly has benefits actually. For a few hours, I get to take my mind off things, break away from workplace stress, and best of all, sample places around town in effect get to know more of this City. The writer Alain de Botton was commissioned Writer-in-Residence to experience Heathrow Airport first hand and write about it afterward (A Week at the Airport). For me, that’s the best job in all the world. To be paid to travel and experience places and people. Same same here. Really just a matter of perspective.

These places were recently in my itinerary:

  • Coffee Matters. It’s at the parking level of Porta Vaga Mall. When I went I ordered their Hungarian sausage all-day breakfast which already comes with a cuppa. For us who crave Filipino breakfast fare when it’s not breakfast, this is where to have it. There’s nothing unique in their cooking though. But the place offers a grand view of the City’s hilltops which as we know it are crammed with houses. Evenings render the view under kinder light though. Also, if you’re into this thing, the jet installation looks about ready to fly out.

  • Live Long Detox Bar & Organic Shop. This one’s on Leonard Wood Road. I dropped by the place mid-morning and placed my order of Ginger and Lime juice after a scan of the menu. I read Apples and Cinnamon (for the skin) too late. I filed the info for next time. While waiting for the guy to shake it up, I went around the room. Shelves by the entrance held in-house organic home products – sanitizers, cleaners, and such – as well as imported ones like salt– Epsom and sea salt. Also beauty products somewhere I believe. There’s reading materials by the wall shelves. Throw pillows on the wooden seats. Biblical verses here and there. Bar/single seating by the glass wall. A clean cozy place. I’d go back for their skin drink and salads. The place opens at 9 AM.

The shop offers a complete healthy meal package delivered to your doorstep for an entire week (3 meals + 2 snacks in a day) at around PHP2,500. That’s about PHP400 a day.

live long detox bar and organic shop baguio city


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