Food finds: Heritage Mansion Buffet Restaurant

heritage mansion baguio city

Everyone’s been raving about the newly-reopened and refurbished Heritage Mansion and it’s buffet offering (PHP398 per). So on a day when the cat’s away, my colleagues and I went. We planned to push our lunch hour to 2 o’clock, daring one another to savor each one of the dishes.

First on my plate: an assortment of sushi (really just an excuse to get my fill of my beloved wasabi); baby potatoes; spicy-sweet anchovies; kimchi. A refreshing glass of mango-orange juice.

After that: a generous helping of lechon; dollops of mashed potato; sauteed Baguio vegetables. Another glass of mango-orange.

And, what do you know, I met, by the roasted meats table, my Economics professor known in our time as the terror. A glimpse of her even from a kilometer away gave us panic attacks– what calculations from Mars was she going to drill us again with? We were Earth people for goodness sake. Last I heard, that was ages ago, she’d migrated Down Under. Campus rumor was she’d finally met a man again (there supposedly was this man before and that she’d become a terror because it didn’t work out with him). Seeing her again, she looked older, of course, but also smiling, and feminine, a softer edge to her. Gone was her famously piercing glare. Was it indeed a man? When returning to our own corners, I saw she was with a group of women her age. They appeared to be celebrating an occasion. She positively glowed.

Back to my plate, I heaped on the resto’s greens and fruits afterward, just to you know neutralize the lechon’s caloric effect only that there were only two kinds of fruits at the time.

For dessert: all the cakes – they’re tiny cuties actually – and panna cotta variations on display as well as spoonfuls of jelly beans (my kids at one point believed them to be the magical poop of the Easter Bunny. I tried not to let that into my head).

I managed to down four glasses of mango-orange in all. This is the only place in town I believe where drinks are included in the price.

We said we’d stay until 2 o’clock but luck has it that donor staff were on their way to the office and would like to have a meeting with our team. I tried to tamp down indigestion reading the agenda list on my phone.

At the counter, I noticed that the 398 per person is just introductory. I asked the cashier until when is ‘introductory’. She didn’t know, she said. Ah, well. I’d go to their hot pot and grilled station next time. Stepping out, I spied the Mansion’s cafe to one side of the entrance. Hmmm. Another cafe to explore.


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