Food finds: Kebab Konner

A friend who was in town recently wanted to eat out and after some minutes thinking where to take her, I finally opted for Kebab Konner on Session Road.  A childhood friend of hers was joining us and while waiting for her to arrive, we went ahead and ordered Greek salad, hummus, pita bread, and chicken tandoori. For drinks, a pot of ginger chai tea.

I didn’t know ginger and chai tea made a superb pair. Most suitable for the cold, too. It gave me an idea. I will do it at home.

The vinaigrette dressing in the Greek salad had more lemon than normal. One may request less of it. I liked mine citrus-y so I finished everything in my bowl. Well, except the onions.

Then the pita and hummus. We simply drooled over the pair. We ended up getting another plate of the bread (six pieces a plate). My friend’s BFF said it’s good that way because then it’s served warm. Sauces are served for the bread. The garlic one was the best.

kebab konner baguio city

The chicken tandoori– it was rather overdone. We only had one each.

I’d go back to try their mixed grilled platter and lamb biryani. Oh, and the hummus and pita. I now am a fan of this pairing.

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