Hydrogen for health anyone?

sweater It’s allergy season again. Welts this time. The night I saw them I thought I’ve been sorcerized (haha) considering somebody that day would’ve throttled me if he could, or my reaction to stress from that. But, it’s the cold or to be exact, the sudden dip and rise, from bitingly cold to insanely hot and back all in the span of 12 hours, that has set in the City late January, only I thought at my age I’m done with reactions.

Thank goodness, they’re only where I can conceal them although turtlenecks in the middle of the day when the temp turns crazy hot can be out of place. Also, on occasion, redness and swelling of either eye which is quite embarrassing although I discovered this could be instantly addressed by splashing that part with ice cold water. I’m crossing my fingers my lungs will stay sane at least until this unstable weather passes.

All this talk of allergies and health in general brings me to Izumio which supposedly neutralizes free radicals, among the product’s other touted benefits.  A colleague is a dealer and I’m being recruited what with my perennial reactions and inadequate intake of plain water. I supposed there’s a reason to there being two hydrogen atoms and only one oxygen atom in water.

This colleague-dealer has already recruited another colleague, the pair sipping their daily intake of 200 grams, one pack of, on our lunch break, extolling it’s benefits. I haven’t subscribed. I’m still trying to figure out where those extra H atoms will go once inside my body.


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