“Mind medicine”

But the mind is indeed very difficult to control, but everything is made possible with right practice. We must therefore first and foremost practice, practice, practice… Then eventually we will be able to break the fixed patterns of the mind and taste the greater underlying support of it all.

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois quoted in larugayoga


We are working the most challenging muscle of all in between the ears.

Laruga Glaser


Who was it who said, the thing one runs away from, ignores, or shuts out will find it’s way back to you whether it’s the day after or years afterward.  I believe it was Mother Superior when she was speaking to us about why it’s important, central to why we were there, that we each need to know our selves, mind and body, and consequently work toward the healing of our “wounded-ness”.  In more practical terms, one cannot give what one does not have.  And, the objective of religious life (or for any kind of life for that matter) whether as a contemplative shut off from the world or as an active participant in the world as a missionary, is to give of oneself, to God in one’s daily prayer and others, wholly and fully.  We were provided with various means to self knowledge.  I resisted it all.  I think it was because then I wasn’t ready to enter that space.  I was too self absorbed, too scared, too distrustful, too skeptical, too proud, too mental.

I’m reflecting on this again as I do my yoga practice.


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