Hotels: Nawawalang Paraiso

dining area, nawawalang paraiso, quezon, philippines

At a resort recently for a training-orientation, I discovered this nook on the floor below our hall.  The windows remind me of my grandparents’ place before where I only have happy memories of.  As the other participants filed back to their rooms after the day’s session to watch their fave telenovelas while lazing in bed, I could be found here doing my emails leaving only when the place closes for the day at 9:00 PM.

One night, staff from a peer organization came by and saw me there.  They insisted I rest.  I wanted to say, this (nook) is rest but I wasn’t sure if they’d understand that.  Also, if I said I’d like to rest from being with the same people the entire day surely I’d have these same people throwing tomatoes at me.  So I said, yeah thanks!  And remained in my place.


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