Distractions during trainings

I don’t know how training or meeting organizers expect participants to concentrate for unnaturally long periods of time on the speaker or what’s being said, particularly when there’s plenty in front of you that distract.  The first few hours after lunch are especially torturous.

At a week-long meeting with other local partner-organizations, my group were the last to get into the hall and the only table left unoccupied was the one toward the back.  This, we soon discovered, provided us a vantage view of everybody’s backsides.

On one particular day, the lady in front of our table decided to wear the plunging side of her dress on her back.  For some reason it kind of helped me focus on the session perhaps because it provides an interesting sight, a buffer if you will, between our table and the speaker and his words.

back view distractions

Otherwise food provides another distraction (as if it ever was!).  Training venues no matter the mental energies expended in absorbing everything all at once, or worse, meetings where everyone’s on adrenalin, are no venues for healthy eating.  At snack time, I wouldn’t know which to take hold of, the iced tea or the cold coffee I made.  Feeling guilty over food wastage, I’d end up drinking both and gobbling down everything on my plate.  We’re all too full in our stomachs, again, to concentrate.  Two hours later, I’m lining up for dinner.

plates of food training


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