Brand promise

good shepherd convent compound baguio city philippines

Mountain Maid is now the go-to brand for excellent quality in food souvenirs from Baguio City.  In the early 90s, the Economists’ Society which I headed for two years in college gathered at what is now the Arts & Crafts building for annual member events.  Then, there were only the basic but already popular “Good Shepherd” products:  Lengua de Gato, Peanut Brittle, Strawberry Jam, and Ube Jam.  There was only one window where you place and pay for your order.  Usually, a nun or a young student, one of the convent’s scholars, manned the counter.

Now, it is amazing to see that the business has successfully expanded into other products such as a variety of locally-produced coffee, and that cashless payment is accepted.  My first thought about this was, ah, the Mother Superior behind the changes has quite the business acumen!  There’s a large display window of all the products, price tagged, on sale.  I saw buyers spending some minutes looking at it, mulling over what to get.  Meanwhile, cash register machines at the counters, now occupying the entire ground floor, are endlessly ringing with orders.  New buildings are built and renovated as for example the training center and coffee shop where you can try engaging your inner basketbolista, shooting a coin or two into the wishing well below the shop’s balcony.

But one thing remains unchanged:  product pricing that in turn reflects the constancy of quality in Mountain Maid products over the years.  Quality is the brand’s promise in exchange of you help(ing) send us to college each time you buy our products.  It made “perfect nun-sense”.

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