Going peanuts

I’ve started to eat nuts again.  In the field office several years ago, colleagues used to eat PHP10 worth (10 grams) of salted native peanuts daily and when the field manager bought free snacks for all, it was often nuts.  I wasn’t into the food.  The chewing didn’t appeal to me.  In short, I was lazy that way.

These days, I noticed that my skin gets dry easily.  A colleague told me she noticed that I seldom drink water.  She’s right.  That was the same comment from the Mother Superior aeons ago.  You need to drink water, she said, anyway the body eliminates whatever excess you take in.  I heard her but didn’t take her advice to heart.  Early this year, I confessed to a colleague that I didn’t drink much because I was too lazy walking to the restroom several times a day.

These days I’m thinking about the consequences seriously:  it’s either laziness which inevitably leads to kidney stones or a longer life and healthier body.

So, apart from really making the effort to drink enough water, I went out one day and bought freshly roasted peanuts.  I found the PHP10 worth of wasn’t much of an effort to chew.  I’d stick with that.

peanuts via motherearthnews


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